Package braun_ :: Module braun_gui :: Class SmoothLine

Class SmoothLine

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The SmoothLine class is identical to the Line class except that it uses a GC rather than a DC.

Instance Methods

Inherited from wx.lib.floatcanvas.FloatCanvas.Line: __init__

Inherited from wx.lib.floatcanvas.FloatCanvas.PointsObjectMixin: CalcBoundingBox, Move, SetPoints

Inherited from wx.lib.floatcanvas.FloatCanvas.LineOnlyMixin: SetColor, SetLineColor, SetLineStyle, SetLineWidth

Inherited from wx.lib.floatcanvas.FloatCanvas.DrawObject: Bind, Hide, PutInBackground, PutInForeground, SetBrush, SetFillColor, SetFillStyle, SetHitBrush, SetHitPen, SetPen, Show, UnBindAll

Class Variables

Inherited from wx.lib.floatcanvas.FloatCanvas.DrawObject: BrushList, FillStyleList, FontList, LineStyleList, PenList